👋🏻 Hey there.

My name is Mitch.

I’m one of those millennials you hear so much about. By day, I work in operations for a SaaS company in Vancouver, Canada. By night, I like to paint, play video games, or tinker with my website.
(yes, the one you're on right now)
More about me

This is a combined stream of all of my notes, photos, and articles

Everything is awful

I shouldn't have to care about celebrity court cases, or what company a billionaire idiot wants to buy, or whether a dictator who lives just an ocean away will decide that nuclear war doesn't sound that bad.

Hello, Kirby

After building and re-building this site with a few different content management systems, I think I've finally settled on Kirby.

First I was all whoa cool, so many CMS’ these days… it’s gonna have to be f*cking Wordpress isn’t it

Art Journal - April 2022

How can so many people on the internet be so wrong about everything

Art Journal - March 2022

Finally watched the new Spider-Man movie, can’t say I thought it would be a crier but Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man catching Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’s MJ had me fully weeping

Art Journal - February 2022

Fountain Pens and Cyclical Obsessions

Ugh I KNEW this Harry Potter reunion would have me sobbing and I was not wrong 😭😭😭